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Introducing the new WorkTote Swivel


Due to numerous requests by clients and designers our engineers have been busy, and we are excited to announce the release of a swivelling bracket for our famous WorkTote as the first production run kicks off this week.

The Aspect WorkTote allows staff to move freely about the office and from their locker to workstation whilst retaining their essential work tools nearby. The specially designed clamp swivels and works with any worktop including a ‘sharknose’ or ‘tapered’ style and can be located anywhere along the desk edge.

It allows greater freedom of use and functionality as an under-desk drawer and easily slides into a custom-made rail which can be mounted under worktops. It is also available to be retrofitted to lockers, maximising the storage space inside.

WorkTote is available in Lemongrass, Seafoam, Watermelon, Nimbus and Charcoal with customised colours available for production runs of 500 units and more.